“Hello Mr Herbert it’s your doctor here”

Wednesday 4th September 2019 – 3pm…

“Hello Mr Herbert, its your doctor here, you went for a blood test this morning and I would like to get you seen again within the next 48 hours, would that be ok?” 

There was a marked pause whilst I considered an appropriate response.

“nothing to be worried about just now” he said. 

Leukaemia Care

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And so at the age of 55, perceivably in good health, swimming five mornings a week, four evenings a week in the gym, running two companies, a foster carer and father of two amazing girls my life took a new turn. An unwanted and inconvenient challenge as a couple of weeks later, following a range of tests, I was diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

This site will include bloggs of thoughts and musings of mine whilst I go through treatment. Some historical reflections of my time on this planet and how this diagnosis has affected my everyday. It is not designed to give advice or to look for sympathy. Its simply to help me get my thoughts in order and to examine things that are on my mind. If readers find it helpful in any way then that’s great and I will always be interested in your thoughts and feedback.